The End

(First published in Creative Fibre, December 2014)

The spinning wheel’s whirring,
The pussycat’s purring.
It’s the happiest possible time.
The bobbin is filling,
The treadle is willing,
And the yarn is amazingly fine.

A little too fine
For a very short time
And suddenly everything’s custard.
I’m in a panic
And gettng quite manic –
My beautiful thread is now busted.

Quick, stop the wheel
And frantically feel
For the end on the bobbin (somewhere).
Which hook was I on?
My memory has gone
But the end must surely be – here?

I fiddle around
But no end is found.
I really don’t know how to cope.
This thread must be it,
So I pull it a bit.
Is there an end in there? Nope.

I test every thread
With a heart full of dread
And the only result is a mess.
The yarn is all tangled
And totally mangled
And I’m tearing my hair out with stress.

With determination
To end my frustration
(Though still uncontrollably sobbing)
Bowing to fate
The scissors I take
And grimly advance on the bobbin.

Now the shreds on the floor
Are lovely no more
Except to the cat, as a toy.
He stalks them and pounces
And grabs them and bounces
– At least they give somebody joy.

Picture of catThis poor spinner did everything wrong. If only she had known not to stop the wheel suddenly when the thread broke! She should have let go and let it slow down and stop naturally! Instead of being buried, the end would probably have been lying visibly on the surface. If not, she could have taken a piece of sellotape or the hooked side of velcro, and dabbed it over the surface. That will often catch it. Or she could get out the vacuum cleaner and suck the bobbin surface. Oh, and I hope she kept an eye on the cat. A cat (or dog) that has swallowed a length of yarn is a veterinary emergency.