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Drive bands

Here  is the section on fitting a double drive band that was missing from last month’s Under Tension. I’ve added a few other thoughts too – they are full of “might” and “maybe” for a reason. Please don’t take any of those thoughts as more than suggestions and opinions. My golden rule of spinning is “If it works, it’s not wrong!”

Tension – but no stress ?

The next article for you, from a couple of years ago, was inspired by realising that a lot of spinners in New Zealand don’t know what kind of tension they are using (here, it’s practically always scotch tension). They would often be afraid to try any other system (particularly double drive). In fact they may have little understanding of how their system actually works.

When it was published, several people told me they disagreed with the first sentence: “We all know that our spinning wheels work because the flyer twists the yarn and then winds it on the bobbin.” It was the “we all know” part that they disagreed with.

I don’t know whether any spinners are better informed after reading it, but I like to think that some might be.

The article included, in a sidebar, a brief explanation of how to tie a double drive band. I’ll put that up separately a little later, and I’ll add a bit about string and knots and other drive band considerations.