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Additions and corrections

In the years since the book was published, I’ve found some new information and some old mistakes. The important ones are in a new page, under the menu item “The book”. The PDF files are now lurking there too. The menu at the top of the page has been compacted, to make room for … well, we’ll see.

New Zealand spinning wheels book

Since the book sold out I’ve been trying to find a way to make it available again. My wonderful printer has closed his business. I’ve looked at selling CDs or USB drives containing it, but postage costs are alarming and the job would be fiddly. I’d rather spend my time researching and writing new stuff!

So – here it is. It’s a series of downloadable PDF files. You’ll find them in the “PDF files” page in the menu above. I give it to you freely, and you are welcome to make and share copies, but please do not use anything in it for any commercial purpose. You may quote from it but please mention where the quotation comes from.

At this stage there is only the text of the book itself, which includes black and white photographs. The colour photographs which were on a CD in a pocket at the back of the book present a copyright issue: many were taken by other people, and given to me for the book. I do not have permission to publish them on this blog. Later I may post some photographs that are mine or whose owners I can contact. Meanwhile you will find many photos of the various wheels on my website, http://www.nzspinningwheels.info.