Some spinning wheel leaflets

Most spinning wheels come with some sort of paperwork from their makers – instructional and/or descriptive. And most wheels get parted from their paperwork very quickly.

Here are PDF files of leaflets that helpful people have given or sent to me over the years. Some are very detailed about the wheels, and even about how to spin; others are more in the nature of advertising, but even these often contain useful information about ratios and such so I am including them. A few of the leaflets are showing their age, but I have tried to make them as legible as possible.

(For some reason I don’t understand, several of the files are appearing uncomfortably large on my screen. If they do the same for you, there will be a way to view them at a better size. On my iMac it’s Command – . In any case they print out the correct size.)

Photographs and details of the actual wheels can be found on the website,

Ashford: Information for current wheels can be found here; instructions for wheels no longer made by Ashford are here.

Ken Bartlett p1
Ken Bartlett p2

Baynes p1
Baynes p2

Bressay p1
Bressay p2

Cherub p1
Cherub p2

Cole p1
Cole p2

Crofter p1
Crofter p2
Crofter p3
Crofter p4

Genesis (Hans Schouten) p1
Genesis (Hans Schouten) p2

Little Grace Special p1
Little Grace Special p2
Little Grace Special p3
Little Grace Special p4
Little Grace Special p5

Majacraft p1
Majacraft p2

Majacraft 1990s

The first 2 Majacraft pages are a leaflet from soon after John Arlott started the company, some time in the 1980s. None of the wheels in it are made now. The third PDF is a later leaflet from the early 1990s. Current Majacraft information can be found here and here.


Mecchia p1
Mecchia p2

John L Moore


Nagy p1
Nagy p2

The first Nagy leaflet describes the wheels, the second is instructions for care and use. Both have Peter Cottier’s Woodspin logo, but I think the content is copied from Mr Nagy’s originals. (Notice the straight legs of the wheels in the first leaflet; Cottier very quickly changed to fancier turning, which can be discerned in his logo.)

PeacockA p1
PeacockA p2
PeacockA p3
PeacockA p4

PeacockB p1-3

PeacockC p1-2

Pipy p1
Pipy p2
Pipy p3
Pipy p4
Pipy Brake Tension

Pipy Poly

Pipy Wendy

Pipy Wendy scotch tension

Pipy Catalogue p1
Pipy catalogue p2
Pipy catalogue p3
Pipy catalogue p4
The date of this catalogue is unknown but it might be around 1980. It has some useful details and good pictures.

Rappard Mitzi p1
Rappard Mitzi p2

Rappard Northern European

Rappard Wee Peggy p1
Rappard Wee Peggy p2
Rappard Wee Peggy p3
Rappard Wee Peggy p4

Rappard Little and Wee Peggy jumbo attachment

Sleeping Beauty p1
Sleeping Beauty p2
Sleeping Beauty p3
Sleeping Beauty p4
Sleeping Beauty p5

Sleeping Beauty Princess p1
Sleeping Beauty Princess p2A
Sleeping Beauty Princess p2B
Sleeping Beauty Princess p3

Sleeping Beauty Thumbelina p1-3