Peacock spinning wheels

peacocklogoforblogI know I said I’d tell you something about the Wairarapa – but that will have to wait, I’m afraid. I’ve been trying to make a timeline of Peacock wheels, and what a complicated history that turned out to be! Now a first draft is ready to share.

One thing has emerged already: what we’ve been calling an Original Peacock is really an Original Fomotor Peacock. I apologise to all those who have trusted my account in of the history of these charming little wheels. It is inadequate and will have to be revised. The bad news, for those not in New Zealand, is that you are unlikely to see a true Original Peacock. Mr Peacock made them only for local customers.

There are still gaps and probably mistakes in the timeline, so I’m posting it here in the hope that readers will help. Any corrections, information, measurements or photographs will be welcomed.

Have at it!

(There have been several updates by 23 October.)


4 thoughts on “Peacock spinning wheels

  1. MelsNattyKnits

    How incredibly interesting Mary. I will have to study my Peacock wheel to see where it fits into the timeline. I have shared this article with the Australian Hand Spinners and Knitters Facebook group and the Redlands Spinners & Weavers Facebook group 🙂


  2. Charlie Wong

    I am left speechless by your thoroughness and detail. No doubt your early training as an archaeologist required you to leave no stone unturned. I look forward to the next instalment!


  3. maryinnz Post author

    Thanks Charlie. It’s a pity I wasn’t so thorough doing the entries for the .info website and the book. Of course it wasn’t until you pointed out the differences between bearings that I even noticed them!
    Next instalment? Hmm.



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