Your niddy-noddy – do you know its history?

The humble niddynoddy is really rather interesting

The humble niddy-noddy is really rather interesting

Some time ago I was startled to notice that there was a niddy-noddy (yarnwinder) in a long-ago painting by Leonardo. Then I was even more startled to discover that niddy-noddies have been found in a Viking burial. So I did a bit of research, and the result was this article. It was published in Creative Fibre magazine in March 2016.

This will be the last article for a little while. More will come, as I’m a compulsive scribbler, but I don’t feel it’s fair to put them on the internet (even with permission) till at least 6 months after publication.

I’ll keep blogging, though, aiming for about the 20th of each month. I’ll tell you a little about my world – a world very focussed on spinning and spinning wheels, though there are other things in it too…


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